Balcony Railings

F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. creates Balcony Rails, Front Porch Rails, or Deck rails that are the signature feature of a homes overall indoor/interior or outdoor/exterior experience. Balcony Railings, Porch Railings, or Deck railings, or better known as Rails, alone are essential for both the aesthetic appearance and the safety of the home or building. ‘Beauty and Strength’, both are the key factors in making the railing.
Make Sure When Choosing And Ordering Balcony, Porch, Or Deck Design That Reflects Your Personal Style, Consider How You Want Your Railing To Fit Into The Décor Of Your Home. Do You Want A Railing That Fits An Overall Sleek Deck Design.

Custom Work

Weather resistant Custom Made Aluminum Railings are designed and built to order. All welded quality, Powder Coat oven baked Custom Colors Available by special order. Decorative Aluminum Custom style Railings with Decorative top trim Rail, perfect for balconies, Decks, Porch, Gates, Etc.

We offer comprehensive and valuable expertise for all aspects of driveway gate construction and installation. Along with your decorative wrought iron gate, we can mount fencing, gate automation and admission mechanism to safeguard that your property is not only eye-catching but well safeguarded.
We draw up, build and fit your complete mechanized ornamental wrought iron gate system. Our innovative experts will survey the property, gauge all openings and construct a wrought iron gate to enhance your property and offer some measure of defense. All gates are built at our Fullerton location and then they are powder coated to provide a strong, long-lasting surface.

Exterior Railings

F&C Professional Aluminum Railing Corp. fabricates exterior railings using only the highest standards and finest materials, powder coating paint and hand forged components to bring you exterior railings that are built to last.

Each of our exterior aluminum and iron railing is custom made for your space and built to your specifications with attention to detail.

We can work with you, your interior designer or landscape architect to bring you an exterior iron railing that meets your needs and matches your personal style. F&C Professional Aluminum Railing Corp. specializes in fabricating exterior iron handrails for any size residential or commercial space.


Our fences are precisely built precisely to each customer’s specifications. We’ll work closely with you to refine your vision, suggest money-saving alternatives, and help correct any possible weaknesses in the design. Because most of our ironworkers have been crafting fences for decades, we know how to help each client get the best possible iron fence and gate for their budget. To produce a fence that is functional, visually stunning, and enduring, we combine Old World hand-forging techniques with modern-day aesthetics and the industry’s highest standards for design and craftsmanship. We work primarily with moderate to heavy-weight steel (tube or solid), invest a lot of time int& design development, and comply with all applicable building codes, ADA standards, Whether you need a simple security fence or a highly ornate fence and gate, call F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Inc.. We are a New Jersey based, full-service aluminum and iron fence manufacture and installer that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Estimates are always free.

For many years aluminum and iron fences were thought to be only for large, stately homes. This exquisite fence was known as ornamental iron. Today, aluminum and iron and ornamental aluminum or iron are used as interchangeable terms. This aluminum and iron is stunning and may be built to custom specifications. Most people choose aluminum and iron fencing for its beauty and strength.

The many different styles offer a unique design for your property. We also can add decorative accents. The accents for aluminum and iron fence include scrolls, casting, circles, pickets, arched tops and more.

Protecting one’s home is something, which is extremely important, and absolutely no one would be willing to compromise when it comes to their own safety and the safety of their properties and belongings. many people prefer iron fence for their homes and properties but they find it extremely difficult to select the right type of fence, which is of the best quality and the best price. our customers want to make sure that the fence protects their properties and loved ones but also looks good. these days aluminum and iron fences are preferred by most people as they offer heavy-duty protection and look very elegant and inviting.

for people who are not sure of purchasing an aluminum and iron fence, all they have to do is to think about the safety of their family and house or business concern. it is definitely a good idea to install an aluminum and iron fence. for many years, aluminum and iron fences have used to protect families and their homes.


Enhance Your Property Entrance
When walking up to a property, the first thing you notice is the entryway. To kick your home’s pleasing aesthetic and security up a notch, we offer custom aluminum and iron entry and driveway gates fabricated to fit perfectly into your existing décor and design. Our gorgeous gates can be installed both inside and outside.

Driveway Gates

Our installation team is skilled and professional at putting entry gates in front of homes, businesses and other locations. There isn’t anything better than sleeping soundly knowing your residential and commercial properties are safe and secure. At F&C Professional Aluminum Railing, Corp., we know how important it is that your loved ones and possessions have the protection and privacy they need. This is why we offer only the best quality of all entry gates and automatic gates. 

We fabricate, install, maintain and repair driveway gates and entry systems for both residential and commercial customers across the Tri-State Area.

Driveway gates are an excellent way to provide security for your home or business, as well as beautify the exterior of your property. There are a wide variety of driveway gates available, depending on your purpose for having a gate. 

When choosing your iron gates, you can decide the size, shape, color, and finish of your door. This amounts to a lot of customization, which means that you can get just about any kind of gate you need to suite the style of your house. F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. iron gates are built to last, and they make a wonderful addition to any home regardless of climate.

All driveway gates from F&C Professional Aluminum Railings, Corp. are in aluminum and iron in different finishes, premier and powder coated for durability. Our driveway gates match the style and elegance of aluminum and iron gates, but without the maintenance hassle. You won’t find a better combination of beauty, strength, corrosion resistance, and price anywhere else. Surround your driveway gates with a matching fence and garden gates.

Garden Gates

Our aluminum and iron garden gates create an enhanced entryway into your garden, yard, or commercial property and provide pedestrian access through your fencing.

In 2001 we opened our manufacturing facility in Plainfield New Jersey because of its strategic location to major highways that service the Tri-State Area.
Entry systems provide both heightened security and automation for your driveway gate. We have all types of entry systems, from residential use systems to heavy-duty commercial setups. Our professional sales staff can help you determine the best entry system for your gate.

  • Driveway gates
  • Provide excellent security for your home or business
  • Available in a wide variety of styles and materials depending on your purpose and architecture
  • Can be either swing or sliding style
  • Can match your fences on your property
  • Can be custom designed
  • Entry systems
  • Automate your driveway gate
  • Provide additional security for your property
  • Can come with keypads and even be solar powered
  • Can be set up to be handled by remote access or with telephone entry systems

Our professional sales staff can help you design the perfect driveway gate and entry system for your property. We understand the local city regulations and will show you all the options and answer your questions about gates and entry systems.

Protect Your Property Today
With countless customizations and the best service in the tri-state are available at F&C Professional Aluminum Railing, Corp., fabricating and installing entry and driveway gates have never been easier.

Handicap Railings

ADA Compliant Handicap Handrails
Handrail & Railing Systems are custom manufactured from either steel or high strength aluminum and meet all ADA accessibility standards. Maintenance free, these railings are the perfect safety solution for stairways, ramps, walkways, platforms, bridges, and machine barriers. We manufacture these rails at our facility in New Jersey and offer many custom size and strength options.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, all handicap railings and handrails must comply with the law. The ADA outlines specific requirements, ranging from how strong railings must be, to where they must be used. Any renovated or newly built structure accessible to the public is required to have handrails that meet these requirements.

Handicap railings are required in several areas, particularly bathrooms and on any ramp or stairwell. In bathrooms, rails must be available on any ADA compliant water closet, with one bar located behind the toilet and one located on the wall immediately adjacent. These bars must between 33 and 36 inches from the floor. Any ramp or stairwell with a vertical rise of more than six inches, or a horizontal run greater than 72 inches, must have handrails. Rails must be provided on both sides and must be between 34 and 36 inches above floor level.

Interior Railings

F&C Professional Aluminum Railing Corp. fabricates interior railings using only the highest standards and finest materials, powder coating paint and hand forged components to bring you exterior railings that are built to last.

Each of our exterior aluminum and iron railing is custom made for your space and built to your specifications with attention to detail.

We can work with you, your interior designer or landscape architect to bring you an exterior iron railing that meets your needs and matches your personal style. F&C Professional Aluminum Railing Corp. specializes in fabricating exterior iron handrails for any size residential or commercial space.

we are a full-service metal design, installation, and metal forging company.
our products are made in America and include window guards, aluminum and iron fence, gates, railings, tree fences, balconies, and ornamental doors

Railing Options

You will find a lot of options when it comes to railings. However, keep in mind that the best for you to pick are those custom-made ones. This is very important to ensure a very unique masterpiece that you can use for your property. Plus, aluminum and iron railings that are customized will fit better to the space you are trying to install them into. With this, you can be certain that your railings will be appropriate and will look good on your space.

Aluminum and iron railings come in various stock designs and others that are custom designed. You will find some designs with bar, flowers, arrows, and the like. If you think these things are very common, you’re right. At F&C Professional Aluminum Railing Corp. we can customize a design to fit your vision and environment

Glass Railings

Glass pool surround and windbreaks (deck glass) are very popular. These products create an effective barrier while limiting the confining effects of a typical fence. Used in conjunction with a concrete slab or masonry wall, these innovative systems are highly adaptable structurally sound and attractive.

Making a difference in your enjoyment of your view brings new heights to design. See-Thru railings can be designed for interior or exterior use.

Our team of professionals is here to help you… we would be happy to create or review your drawings & make suggestions to solve any unforeseen design or installation problems to verify everything is “measured properly” before ordering materials. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are backed with our values of Quality, Service, and Integrity.

Updating your indoor/outdoor railings can increase both the value of your home, and your enjoyment of it. Whether you like sleek and modern or classic and traditional, there are many ways to update your staircases design to better reflect your style and your home’s personality.
Modern home staircases designed today tend to be very sleek and straightforward, with clean lines. They use railing designs with clear glass sides, cables or horizontal tubing, but they all share one thing in common, the appearance of more space. With the exception of spiral staircases, most of the focus is on horizontal lines which elongate and designs that are more “see” through which enlarge the visual space and add more depth.

Most stair railing designs from the 1970s & ’80s that looked modern then appear dated now. The most common one had closed in sheetrock half walls with a wood cap on top, making space feel smaller, almost boxy. Replacing that half wall with see-through stair railing designs, be it wood, metal or glass, can greatly increase the visual space in the room, making it appear much larger.